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Marti, 13 septembrie 2016, incepand cu ora 21:00 sunteti invitati in RocknRolla la concertul oferit de trupa Zygoma, din Belgia. In prezent, Zygoma cutreiera Europa intr-un turneu de promovare a ultimului album, lansat in luna mai a acestui an.

Turneul din Romania include concerte in Arad, Bucuresti si Iasi. Componenta: Eben V. – vocals; Jonas V.B. – bass; Gert S. – drums; Kenzo G. – guitars. Resedinta: Gent, Belgia.

Started off at the beginning of 2008 as a deathmetalband. After the band had some line up changes and bandname changes, the music started to develop more into a technical way of writing progressive (death) metal. While writing songs and playing shows, the band developped into a mathcore/progressive/grind/experimental metalband.

In the summer of 2010, zygoma recorded a first demo/EP called ‘FLESH.MADE.VOID’ which was self-released. After the release, a short tour including Belgian/UK gigs was ready to go. 2 months of rest followed after the tour because of another line-up change.

A comeback was made at the beginning of 2011 with a new guitarplayer, Joachim. Zygoma started playing lots of shows again spread over Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Holland. The Ro(c)koko tour 2011, a tour of 9 days which the band booked themselves, included 3 headline shows and was the band’s first real tour experience and set the start of many more to come. In March/April ’12, zygoma did a 17 day, DIY booked european tour and went to Holland, Czech Rep, Hungary, Slovakia, Luxembourg and the UK. After this tour, the band decided to go on without guitarist Wez & brought in Kenzo. Late October 2012, Joachim decided to leave the band.

When 2012 came to an end, a small label called ‘The Front Agency’ signed zygoma to release ‘The Forgotten’. Together with the support of ‘Total Deathcore’, they released ‘The Forgotten’ on 22 January 2013. An official releaseshow was played on 9 March in Lokeren (BE) and the band started writing again after this. The rest of 2013 wasn’t that busy but the band had the opportunity to share the stage with bands such as Rolo Tomassi, Heart Of A Coward and Betraying The Martyrs. 2013 concluded with a supportslot on WFAHM’s Belgian goodbye show.

The first thing the band did in 2014 was an Eastern Europe tour that brought it to new places such as Poland, Romania and Ukraine. The tour was a success and definitely gained the band some new fans around Eastern Europe. In March ’14, TZD entered the studio to record a new single which was released December 1st, 2014. In September TZD embarked on a short run in Southern Europe which brought the band to new places as Italy.

The year 2015 started off with another 11 day tour around the UK and Ireland. The band flew to the Irish islands to play the debut Irish concerts. After successfully finishing that tour, main priority was to get the new album written. The recordings of the follow-up for ‘The Forgotten’ began late May ’15.

Shared stage with: Wormed, Crytopsy, The Green River Burial, Placenta, Salt The Wound, Rolo Tomassi, War From A Harlots Mouth, Maroon, Truth & Its Burden, Stigma, Betraying The Martyrs, The Algorithm, Crimson Falls, A Plea For Purging, Arsonists Get All The Girls, Six Reasons To Kill, Glasses., Cold Night For Alligators, Martyr Defiled, ShowYourTeeth, Disposed To Mirth, As They Burn, Dead Harts, This Is Colour, Brutality Will Prevail, Heights, Apostate, Fuck The Facts, Hour Of Penance, Heart Of A Coward, Psychofagist, …


Suport: 15 lei. Rezervări: 0756 213 284.



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