Waha Festival 2016

waha festival

We Dance for Peace, Love, Joy and Oneness, but mostly We Dance Because We Can, manifesting the simple Freedom of Mankind in the most Natural Way. We invite you for the 5th edition of Waha Festival in the serene Transylvanian highlands to celebrate Life to the fullest, co-create a harmonious playground surrounded by friends and the best music we know.

If you like to feel grass under your feet, breathe fresh forest air and dance under the stars, we come to add up some clear Funktion One sound systems, underground techno and psychedelic sounds, live stage with alternative dance music, jam stage, chillout space, healing area, forest camping, kids area, restaurants, and all you need is your best vibe to make it an unforgettable experience. But dont worry, we take care of that as well.


DEEP STAGE:  Rhadoo (Romania),  Petre Inspirescu (Romania), Praslesh (Romania), Cezar (Romania), Dr.Nojoke (Germany), Hubble (Italy/Germany), Francesco Assenza (Italy/Germany), SIT (Romania), Johannes Klingebiel (Germany), Kozo (Romania), Denis Kaznacheev (Russia/Germany), Tulbure (Romania), Dan Andrei (Romania), Andres Marcos (Switzerland), Priku (Romania), Sedee (Germany), Emi ∫ (Romania), Alexandra (Romania), Inner (Romania), Miss I (Romania), VincentIulian (Romania), Charlie (Romania), Gols (Belgium), Paul Agripa (Romania), Christopher Lawrenz (Official) b2b jonas (Germany), Dubtil (Romania), Stefan Sublee (Romania), Cap (Romania).

PSYCHEDELIC STAGE: Astral Projection (Official). (Israel) [RETRO SET], Psykovsky (Russia) [8 HOUR SET], Etnoscope (Sweeden) [LIVE PERFORMANCE], DJ SHANE GOBI (South Africa/UK), Krumelur (Sweden/Germany), ATMA (Romania), Procs (Sweeden), E-Mantra (Romania), Glosolalia (Argentina), Artifact303 (Romania), Whrikk (Holland), Pandora’s Box (Argentina), KAbi (South Africa), DJ Latam (Romania), DJ Stole (Serbia),Eleusyn (Romania), Mano (Romania), Looney (Greece), Dj Ganesh – Catalyst Records (France), Askari (Belgium/Switzerland), Digital Abstract (Greece), Aio (Canada), DJ Ondrej Psyla (Czech Republic), Bio Electronic Noise / B.E.N. / (Macedonia), Darkology (Romania), Pura (Serbia), Ajna Vitamin (Romania), Psylev (Romania), Trans Humantza (Romania), Toge (Austria/Hungary), Oracol (Romania), Dj Chuckles (Belgium), Trikoze (Bulgaria), Barbaleku (Romania), Lueder (Germany), Fractaliceanu (Romania), Rami (Germany),

ALTERNATIVE STAGE: Martha van Straaten (Germany), Danaga (Romania), Electric Brother (Romania),  Matze (Romania), Alcalina (Romania), DJ Freee (Belgium), Akot (Israel), Pœtrip (Romania), Dj Vasile (Romania), Folclorescent (Romania), Kosta / AWD House (Romania), New Structures (Romania), A-C Leonte (Romania), Dreamdoktor (Romania), Love Hertz (Romania), Electroclown (Romania), Soundopamine (Romania), Nopame (Romania), JAZÚ (Romania), Space Needle (Romania), Solartis Quartet (Romania), Rolf (Romania), Akim Hash (Romania), Moduler (Romania), Virtual Picnic (Romania), Breky (Romania), Fields Groove (Romania), Fields Groove (Romania), Omelette (Romania), PeterPan Trei (Romania), Tribal House Collective (Romania), Cerbul (Romania)

CHILL STAGE: AuroraX (Bulgaria), E-Mantra (Romania), Saranankara \ Acid Connector (Romania), Reasonandu (Romania), Abstract Optim (Rep. Moldova), Therapist (Bulgaria), Sistah RastahFairy (Romania), Tone Tavi / Subhuman (Romania), Ruval (Romania), Happy Gutenberg (Romania), Hermanos (Romania), J.Alex (Romania), Pavlov (Romania), Seme (Romania), dannilov (Romania), Ghiauru (Romania), Planul (Romania), Candcum (Romania), Phaze (Romania), Alien Tree (Romania), Dorotea (Romania), Hubble (Italy/Germany), B.E.N. (Macedonia), DJ Vasile (Romania), Matze (Romania), Rolf (Romania), Psyla In Dub (Czech Republic), Ati de Chile (Romania/Chile), Akot (Israel), Pura (Serbia), Raman (Romania)

VISUALS: Coté, VVVlad, Aural Eye, Cosinus, vloop

DECO: Free Optics (Germany), Naturalgoritm (Romania), Te văd (Romania).

LUMINISH:  This is an area focused on self development and energy work, a place to try new techniques, be given therapies, meditate, do yoga, take workshops… a personal journey we recommend for a complete wahan experience. WAHA invites Energy Workers to come and share their knowledge and practices within the activities of the Luminish Area. We invite you to contribute in easing the path of our guests to themselves and their healing and nurturing abilities, empowering and educating the Self for a harmonious unity of Body, Mind and Spirit.

We believe that this is the way to create the society we all hope for, starting from the balanced individual towards the community. We have plenty of teachers and practitioners among us, and lots of people that need that extra input to open up and discover the bigger universe of potential through awareness and harmony.

KIDS AREA: At WAHA we encourage families to come with the kids and not miss the fun. We will have warmhearted specialized people dedicated to keep your children busy, creative and happy, connecting them with the environment through diverse activities (string art, natural art, trips in the forest, etc). Hip Hip Hurraaa!


Early bird: 200 tickets at a price of 200 lei / 45 eur (SOLD OUT). Presale: unlimited number till July 1st at 250 lei / 55 eur. Price at gate: 350 lei / 77 eur. Buy online: www.bilete.ro. De la ambasadori: Bucuresti: Misbits Store – 0751 391 510; Bucuresti: Dorin – 0721 390 483; Brasov: Flavia – 0751 580 141; Iasi: Gianina – 0757 612 689; Sibiu: Victor – 0727 636 437; Cluj-Napoca: Otti – 0754 293 083. International ambassadors: Bulgaria: Boryana Elfreya – 0035 9895 572 888.

For any informations write at wahafestival@gmail.com For installations, Land Art, art projects of any type, people with special skills, we have this mail: wahacrew@gmail.com






DEGEȚICA | Teatrul Luceafarul Iasi

Mireasa mortului | Cinema Ateneu

Inimă de foc: Neînfricata | Cinema Ateneu

Downton Abbey: O nouă eră | Cinema Ateneu

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