Tupiar Christmas Showcase @ TIMES

petrecere times

Tupiar Christmas Showcase : Libe ( Ro ) & Gorbani ( Md ). Sunteti asteptati la o super-petrecere de Craciun, gazduita de Times, joi, 24 decembrie 2015, de la ora 23:59.


Gorbani ( Md ) – Gorbani’s passionate personality and lifestyle have kept him in the forefront of house and techno since his first debut release almost a decade ago. As a producer, Gorbani’s sound is filled with textural maturity and fluent elegance. It is deep, dark, emotional, and breathes with the manipulation of a few simple ideas. Gorbani’s sound has evolved and grown overhis short, yet successful, career; however, it still has maintained his personal and unmistakable groove, as defined on the dancefloor by sophisticated rhythms, energetic synths leads, and sharpbass lines! He is currently broadening his scope with his own imprint: ELARUM & WAVETECH LIMITED.

As one can see, Gorbani’s success is due to his hard work and talent, not by mere coincidence. Gorbani’s dj skills never go unnoticed, for he captivates dance floors with great passion, raw vibes, and positive energy with every set he plays, making him something worth listening to! Gorbani had been producing and releasing his explorative electronic music on labels such as ETE /ELARUM / HEISENBERG / DEEP TECH RECORDS /WAVETECH LIMITED / RESONANZ / YORUBA GROOVES In addition, Gorbani quickly added signings some vinyl records at prestigious labels which sounds fitted his universe.

Libe ( Ro ) – Libe (Lucian Rotaru), is the older brother in the dynamic duo Bratias ( alson known as Libe & Octave ) and the main influence in both their musical styles. He s been around the scene for as long as he can remember mixing music in old clubs from Iasi which few people had the luck of visiting. Since then he developed into a DJ and Producer who can show his resume to pretty much anyone without being ashamed. His path was not the short and easy one, bouncing around from style to style, artist to artist until he found his little nook in the ever-changing electronic music scene. He’s played music with names like Fumiya Tanaka, Rhadoo, Priku, Cezar, Dan Andrei, Suciu, Mauss, Matei Tulbure, Herodot, Gescu and many more.

As a producer, groovy, moving bass lines,delayed wooden percussions and atmospheric musical themes make his sound the ideal 2 a.m., middle of the crowd, intoxicated, clubbing experience. But expect anything from slicing hi-hats to break-beat snares which always somehow have hisown unique signature sound stamped on them. Maybe it s the hours put into producing each sound or maybe it s just his overall musical taste. What s certain is you have to lean your ear over to Libe s sounds.


Pret: 20 lei. Tickets available starting from Monday, 21st of December @ Meru. Note: Only 200 tickets available. No tickets at entrance!



Str. Codrescu 6, Iasi (în spatele căminului studențesc Gaudeamus)



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