Toulouse Lautrec LIVE @The Trumpets

Toulouse Lautrec are returning to the pub, bringing back our favourite tunes from their last performances (“Te Spun”, “Yesman”, “Domino”, “Nu se termina asa”,“Aur”), plus some brand new ones.

Les Toulouse Lautrec, they come from aristocratic families. They grew up on large grass fields in front of the Castle, with the hunting horns sound in their ears and the smell of rosy cheek Countess perfumes in their nostrils. They were endowed with the qualities for an academic career, but life has thrown them in the dirtiest layers of society, founding their way into the middle of bohemian rebel.


Preț bilet: 40 lei. Biletele se găsesc în pub.


The Trumpets

Palas Mall, esplanada Teatrului Luceafarul


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