TimeShift 2017

A growing number of organizations are looking at how modern tech companies are using the new processes and techniques to deliver innovative products. At TechShift, in November, you’ll step out of the execution mode to get get inspired by other world class professionals and really think about your product or your clients product.

The agenda is designed to fit anyone’s thoughts about using new technologies and processes to ship better products or understand better the clients product. So we think TechShift’s agenda can be adressed to:

  • VPs of Product and Product Managers
  • Forward-Thinking Intrapreneurs
  • Product-Driven CEOs
  • Agency Execs
  • Startup Founders
  • Designers

Any open minded tech professional


TechShift Conference


Facebook Event


GALA DE BALET | Opera Nationala Romana Iasi

RECITAL „VISSI D’ARTE” | Opera Nationala Romana Iasi

Iașul va găzdui o conferință europeană de anvergură dedicată economiei sociale

Expoziția de fotografie „Arbori Bătrâni. Să fie întuneric, da’ să fie lumină!” semnată Florin Ghenade

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