This Saturday, VERVE presents: EGYPT… nightlife


Egypt the country of ancient civilization and pyramids is among one of the main attractions of this world. The land of ancient wonders stimulates thousands of travelers each year to explore this country.

Egypt offers numerous entertainment means for the visitor as well as for the civilians also. The strong cultural influence of various dynasties that ruled Egypt in the ancient era can be easily reflected in the Egypt entertainments also.

When you say Egypt… you say History, Music and Dance. Egypt has a rich musical culture- a mixture of indigenous Egyptian, Arabic, African and Western.
Nightlife at Cairo gives a totally different entertainment pleasure in Egypt. The bars, clubs, discos and casinos are the funfilled entertainment ways. Besides these one can also experience the fun in exploring the vast desert area in Egypt or can sail through the Nile or can explore the exotic marine world of the Nile River.

Verve Caffe & Panorama offers you the chance to live a night like in Egypt.

The entrance is by invitation / ticket – 20 lei
girls have free entrance.

RSVP – 0740281021, 0754372672, 0749957559

* dress code: suits and dresses

This party is powered by GRAMMA WINES & Just Smile Events

GRAMMA este un concept puternic destinat sa deschida o noua directie in comunicarea vinurilor: cea a conversatiei inteligente si a limbajului fara cusur dezlegat de impactul licorilor, pentru ca intotdeauna exprimarea corecta si armonioasa denota echilibru fizic si psihic.


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