The Misbehavers @Fratelli Iasi

We are really not saying we should misbehave, but when it comes to Saturday night in Fratelli Iasi, we say we ought to at least look as if we did. Right? Get it?

And yes, we’re having DJ John Junior and Tony Q. on for the night. There’s no prediction on what they’re up to, but we know for sure it has to do with some misbehaving stuff, like super intense music, unstoppable vibes and an urge to dance like never before.

So you see, when it comes to Saturday, it’s all about The Misbehavers and a wild party ahead.


Free entrance until 00.00. For reservations: / 0756.56.11.11. Fratelli reserves the right to select its clients, due to the capacity of the locations and the reservation list.

*Access 18+.  Never drink & drive. We do not endorse the use of drugs.


Fratelli Lounge&Club

Adresa: Str. Palas, 5D, Iasi



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