Summertime madness @Time Out

Honey! We’re on FIRE!  Summertime madness makes us dance all night! We know you can not wait until the weekend comes! So Thursday we meet again to blow off some steam!

Refreshing cocktails, blazing summer outfits and some sexy, funny pick-up lines to get those goosebumps going.  A little Summer Party Craziness never killed nobody!

Waves of good music provided by: Dj Andrew Riddle


Info and Booking: 0740.133.133


Time Out

Str. Codrescu 6, Iasi (în spatele căminului studențesc Gaudeamus)


Mărțișoare Folclorice | CCS Iasi

Wicked Blues | Chez Les Amis

Roaring 20’s- Andrew Bidi

Flori, fete și delicatese | Restaurant Liria

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