Sounds from Psychosphere


Sambata, 15 noiembrie, de la ora 22:00 Cuban Pub va invita la ”Sounds from Psychosphere”.

It would be frightening to think that in all the cosmos , which is so harmonious, so complete and equal to itself, that only human life is happening randomly, that only one’s destiny lacks meaning.

The alchemy that the ancient sages spoke of thousands of years ago is the art of transmutation from one form to another. Not on a physical level as most people tend to translate, but rather on a mental and spiritual level. It is the transformation of one’s self from the material based world of the ego into the spiritual world where the vibratory nature of spirit and soul combine to create that spark that we call consciousness.It is the journey that one travels when discovering their inner true self which embodies the true definition of alchemy.

The great cosmic illusion is a hierophany…. One is devoured by Time, not because one lives in Time, but because one believes in its reality, and therefore forgets or despises eternity.


Darkology (MfG Tribe/Buc); Nude Dude (Transylvaliens/Sb); Proton (Psykapnobatai/Is); Cromonova (Psykapnobatai/Is); Shivay (Quantum Soul/Nt); Febentropia (Psykapnobatai/Is; Deco: Psykapnobatai

Eveniment coordonat de Psykapnobatai.

Cost : 10 lei


Cuban Pub

Piata Unirii, demisol Galeriile de Arta, Iasi

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