Sing it up | Cafeneaua Piata Unirii

Ladies and gents, tired of singing in the shower? Good cuz is time to unleash your voice and SING IT UP! We are inviting you to the first episode of this season: warm up with KARAOKE and then PARTY like a superstar.

Sing by yourself, in a pair or even the only one from your group. There will be a very special hosts, so expect a wide selection of tracks to choose from. Show us your inner Beyonce, rap like Eminem or belt out classic like Purple Rain.

Let’s admit it. Life is better with Karaoke. You love karoke. We love karaoke. Dj Danny will make you dance after this soundy intro of the night


Book your mic & the table in advance by contacting us at: (0743) 663 903


Cafeneaua Piata Unirii

Adresa: Piata Unirii 6, Iasi



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