”Silence the violence” Party @TIMES


Whether it is domestic violence or violence against minorities or sexes, it is never excusable, it reaches every corner of our society and it affects each and every one of us. It does not respect class, race, religion, culture or wealth. Although it might sound like a myth, the reality is that alcoholism, drugs, unemployment or stress are just a few factors that cause it.

Let’s stand together against the presence of violence in the community and show that we care. Meet us on Friday, the 11th of November, at 22:00 in Times to Silence the Violence. We have some surprises for you!

See you there!


Times Pub

Str. Codrescu 6, Iasi (în spatele căminului studențesc Gaudeamus)



Christmas Party Marathon

Concert Adamos Band @Times

DJ U-GIN @Skin Music Lounge

Marea Iepureala @Cafeneaua Piata Unirii


Opening Party la Tiki Village. Invitati: DJ Optik și Adrian Eftimie

Deschis la Distractie te provoaca la cel mai tare CONCURS de gatit in familie!

FIE 2017 / Weekend de muzica clasica cu participare internationala

”Supraviețuirea creştinului ȋn cetate” – o analiză la rece realizată de profesorii Adrian Papahagi şi Radu Preda

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