Out To Party @Fratelli Lounge&Club

They can’t wait for Saturday, and this Saturday, they will Go out and party! So here’s what they got in store for you:John Junior and Tony Q. on the 4th of February in Fratelli.

Classic night with the best moves in town and a show to match. Will start around 11.30 PM! Come out, come out, wherever you are!


Free entrance until 00.00. For reservations: officeiasi@fratelli.ro / 0756.56.11.11. Fratelli reserves the right to select its clients, due to the capacity of the locations and the reservation list.

*Access 18+.  Never drink & drive. We do not endorse the use of drugs.


Fratelli Lounge&Club

Adresa: Str. Palas, 5D, Iasi

E-mail: officeiasi@fratelli.ro




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