Otherside LIVE outside @The Trumpets

Can’t have enough of open-air live concerts? We invite you on our lovely terrace to enjoy the summer with music and friends! Otherside will perform live for you, while the draught beers are colder than the water feels when you go into the sea for the first time.

Otherside is purely soul, free and electric. Their performance is artistic and sincere, a daring exploration of original sounds in a generally introspective mood. A futuristic sound for an intelligent music from a fresh Romanian band.

P.S. In case the weather decides to go full British on us, don’t worry. You already know we have a perfectly fine and comfortable indoor space that is very well suited for good music on a nice summer evening.

P.P.S. Attendance is free for all, so great news: more beer for you. Plus, we won’t be taking reservations this time, so be sure to save yourself a seat. Early evenings on our terrace are just as nice as the late ones 


The Trumpets

Palas Mall, esplanada Teatrului Luceafarul, Iasi



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