One, two, three, byron! @The Trumpets

It feels like yesterday you went on your first date with The Queen, doesn’t it? Only it wasn’t. It was actually three years ago. Can you believe that? Cause they can.

They’ve been there for one another, always giving you a reason to call back for a second date, because tgey enjoy being your wingman for fun. Yes, you sometimes got mad and threatened to move out, but that’s love, isnt it?

Let’s celebrate their anniversary together and rediscover ourselves. You don’t even have to get us a gift.

Special guest: byron

Together – repeat after us – forever! From The Trumpets, with true love.


Biletele sunt disponibile în număr limitat și pot fi achiziționate din pub, începând de vineri, 17 noiembrie. Preț bilet: 50 lei
Informații: 0745 321 930


The Trumpets

Palas Mall, esplanada Teatrului Luceafarul, Iasi


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