Merry Mondays @Acaju

If you want to: go out somewhere, have a few drinks after work, have a laugh, get together with some friends or just feel the need to see other people, THIS IS FOR YOU!

A few episodes from one of the greatest shows on tv. It may have been a show about nothing, but boy it produced something! Tons of hilarious and memorable quotes that everybody can relate to.

Season 2 is up next, 5 episodes of common situations with uncommon reactions and outcomes: The Ex-Girlfriend; The Pony Remark; The Jacket; The Phone Message; The Apartment.

No fees, seats are limited so be sure to arrive early! Episodes will have english subtitles.


Cafeneaua Acaju

Str. Sf. Sava 15, 700073, Iasi



Caravana Guerilla Verde, editia 2017

Institutul Francez din Iaşi : Zilele Memoriei marcate prin proiectia documentarului „Amintiri din Iaşi”

Proiectie de film: ”Dacii”, de Sergiu Nicolaescu

Seara lunga a filmelor scurte @Casa de Cultura “M. Ursachi”, Iasi


La ceai cu un profesionist @Libraria Cafenea Tafrali

Feelings Live Performance @Skin Music Lounge

Pacala si Tandala @Ateneul din Iasi

Fusion @London Pub

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