Lunar: Cesar Merveille & Herodot

The New Year seems to settle down and everyone seem to go back to the normality. But they don’t. They know their #Lunar people feel the same.

On January 19th, they’ll warm up the cold Moon with our hottest desire to have fun and wake the Sun up together.

Come and write down your resolutions & as always, complete the story. Are you ready for a New #Lunar Phase?

► Cesar Merveille
► Herodot
► Prichindel
► Hipp


* Tickets available soon.


Hala Fix

Strada Bucium 34 – Moldomobila, poarta 1, Iasi


Rock’n’Iasi Open Air

Bʟᴀᴄᴋ Gʟᴜᴇ: the great return | Time Out

My Salinger Year | Anul meu la New York | Cinema Ateneu

Otto Barbarul | Cinema Ateneu

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