Iasi Testing Community Workshop – 30 July 2016

istc 30 iulie

Workshop I: Let’s talk about Selenium

  • Description: We’ll explore some tricks to help you fully keep selenium under control: Work with multiple tabs and multiple windows; Test if a video is playing; Do uploads; Explore the world of complex xpaths when Id’s or classes are not enough
    Pre-requisites: Knowledge about selenium, java, xpath and automation testing, a detailed list will be provided shortly

Workshop II: Leverage your performance testing using JMeter and Selenium

  • Description: Creating and running load tests are not tasks that come naturally. They either require knowledge or there is no time to automate them. Most of us know that Selenium is used for automating functional tests, but how about using Selenium WebDriver to measure the performance of web and mobile apps? At the end of the presentation, we will have a better overview on how to integrate Eclise and WebDriver with Jmeter, the pros and cons of the used solutions and how to extend the reporting capabilities using BlazeMeter.

Soft skills presentation: Evolve and involve as a tester

  • Description: A presentation about creating an impact in a company not only as a new hire, but also as a long term employee. Few tips and tricks will be presented, showing how you can evolve and grow professionally in a company, just by being present, involved, curious and concerned about everything that you get in contact with!


Due to the limited number of seats all wishing to participate must fill out a registration form : goo.gl/forms/CimtTIUsEefMoXdo1


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