How much do you already know, Santa?

Dear Santa, how much do you know already?… Let me tell you the whole story.  We know you saw our facebook pictures, but we’ve been crazy, we’ve been naughty and we think we’ve been good for the past week, so let’s focus on that, no matter what the evidence might suggest!

That’s all…it’s not a big deal! Please come back tonight and bring some forbidden toys!

Reindeers: Dj Pado (Rudolph) & Andrew Riddle (Dasher)


Info&Booking: 0740 133 133. FREE ENTRY. ACCES 18+


Time Out

Str. Codrescu 6, Iasi (în spatele căminului studențesc Gaudeamus)


The best of | Corul academic Gavriil Musicescu

SFR aduce premiere românești de top la Iași

„ILFOVEANU 2020” | Expoziție-eveniment

World Education Fair 2020

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