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Hello Mr. Jameson! Prohibition Party: Mobsters, Moonshine, Gambling and Prostitution. To make it simple, the Prohibition Era! Ever wonder how it would be to live in those times? Exciting!

Travel back in time with us and Mr. John Jameson and let’s run from the cops with a jazz tune in the background. We have to hide all of our booze before the prohibition agents find it and we need your help! Let’s live in the prezent while we have fun in the past. It’s a turbulent era so, many “things happen”, watch out for our mobsters in the bar while the’re trying to hide the contraband


Intrare liberă! Rezervări la numărul de telefon: 0743 941 209


Oxford Pub

Str. Sf. Lazar 64-66, demisol ( cladirea Gabriel Business Center)

FB: www.facebook.com/OxfordPub


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