Hello Friday @The Trumpets

Hello, love! This Friday let’s party with Le Minion! British vibes in our Fine & Dandy Brit Place! His debut as a Dj was with Mihai Dobre in his project Haute Culture featuring VAst Solo in 2011.

By exploring the world of ghetto-funk, he returned to his passion for alternative, soul, electro and funk house, starting to combine them with funky-breaks. He went on stage with artists like Șuie Paparude, Subcarpați, Vlad Dobrescu, Dj K-lu, Cuantune, East Roots, Dj Sauce. Le Minion was also a part of the line-ups at various music festivals as Electric Castle Festival, Peninsula Felsziget or Street Delivery.

He will create an original experience, giving a personal touch to his favorite british songs.


Telefon: 0786 364 316


The Trumpets

Palas Mall, esplanada Teatrului Luceafarul, Iasi



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