Havana Party @Oxford Pub

havana party-oxford

This weekend feels , dancing and loves in the Cuban style . Maximum fun at with your friends and enjoy the full flavor of Havana Rum. Let’s celebrate Cuba !!.. with HAVANA Club.When I say CUBA..!!!…You say ….

Come on to drink a Cuba Libre with us and dance all night long at OXFORD Pub… Our guest, friend and soul of the party is:.. HAVANA CLUB. Nothing compares to Havana Parties..

Promotion: Havana 1L + 6 doze Coka Cola & lime = 200 Ron. The perfect balance.. always together!


RSVP: 0743.941.209


Oxford Pub

Str. Sf. Lazar 64-66, demisol ( cladirea Gabriel Business Center)



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