From 8 to infinity @Skin Music Lounge


It is perfect and unique / Could become a new world wonder / Or the eighth day of the week. Eight is a magic number / Soon it will decide your fate/ Saturday, 6th of December/ SKIN has reached the number eight.  Special guest: SMILEY

We are proud to celebrate our birthday with you! Thank you for making it YOUR club!


Reservations & Details: 0748 130 500 * We reserve the right to select our clients


Skin Music Lounge

Str. Sf. Lazar 27, Iasi


Școala de vară pentru pitici, 23 – 27 iulie 2018

Seara cu Antreprenori marca JCI Iaşi, ediţia a V-a

Clubul Cinefililor va invita la film: ”La mala educacion” (2004)

The Glimpse LIVE @Underground Pub

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