Free… to PHOTOBOMB @London Iasi


SELFIE or not, we all have those selfish friends who try to ruin our photos. They drop in your photo unexpectedly, right before it is taken, just to mess with you.

But this Saturday you will have the chance to PHOTOBOMB whoever you want! Let your funny appearance be everywhere, behind any duck, serious or sexy face! We will enjoy, shoot and publish your crazy ideas, because in London Iași you are FREE TO PHOTOBOMB!

Starts at 22…End when you’re Drunk!


Free Entry. Reservations: 0751 118 386


London Iasi

Str. Lapusneanu 1 – in incinta Hotel Astoria


MOZART – REQUIEM | Ateneul National Iasi

Concert de Florii | Corul Marii Uniri

Petrică și Lupul | Orchestra de Tineret a Iașului

PREMIERĂ | Fenomen Tropical

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