Fifty Shades of Heaven @Zona Partyspace


They call it grey, we call it heaven! Ready to be aroused? Come discover our kind of heaven, where any kind of fantasy is encouraged, and desires become commands!

And since they all celebrate angels, be sure we’ll have our own kind of angels around. All you have to do is choose your side: dominant or submissive?

Dance, bend over, go down, let your inner gods do the merengue with some salsa moves and let the joy penetrate you!


Dresscode: gentlemen – suit&tie, dominant and charismatic. Ladies, make sure to enchant your audience! For reservations, please call 0742898602.

Acces 18++. We reserve the right to select our clients.



Bulevardul Stefan cel Mare si Sfant nr. 14, Iasi, Romania


Bacalaureat 2020

Nocturna lui Paul | in fiecare miercuri

”Poemele luminii” – expozitie personala Cimpan Bogdan si Andreea Zabulic

”Aida” si “Gala Operelor Naționale și Chișinău” oferite publicului de Opera Naţională Română Iaşi

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