Explore & Enjoy Moldova


A 3 days weekend trip right into the heart of Moldova! Explore and enjoy an amazing country, through an exciting sightseeing track across the country, wine-tasting experience, creative pubs, late-night party in Chisinau and some other surprises.

Where we will get:

  • Capriana monastery – one of the oldest Moldovian monasteries;
  • Cricova – national treasure and the most well known winery in Moldova;
  • Vadul-lui-Voda – a resort on the bank of the Nistru river;
  • Chisinau – walking tour in the city center & visit to museums + party!
  • Orheiul Vechi – a 40.000 years old natural amphitheater and a stone monastery;

Investment for travel, accommodation, breakfasts, visit to Cricova winery, entrance in museums: 330 lei if you register late bird after 10th of December;

*this trip is a non-profit, social travel for promoting the beauty and awesomeness of Moldova during winter time. ** you require a passport to enter into Moldova.


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