Explore & Enjoy Moldova


A 3 days weekend trip right into the heart of Moldova! Explore and enjoy an amazing country, through an exciting sightseeing track across the country, wine-tasting experience, creative pubs, late-night party in Chisinau and some other surprises.

Where we will get:

  • Capriana monastery – one of the oldest Moldovian monasteries;
  • Cricova – national treasure and the most well known winery in Moldova;
  • Vadul-lui-Voda – a resort on the bank of the Nistru river;
  • Chisinau – walking tour in the city center & visit to museums + party!
  • Orheiul Vechi – a 40.000 years old natural amphitheater and a stone monastery;

Investment for travel, accommodation, breakfasts, visit to Cricova winery, entrance in museums: 330 lei if you register late bird after 10th of December;

*this trip is a non-profit, social travel for promoting the beauty and awesomeness of Moldova during winter time. ** you require a passport to enter into Moldova.


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Discuţie despre lucrarea ”Banner” (de Dan Acostioaei) cu Dan Acostioaei şi Nebojša Milikić, moderată de către Vahida Ramujkić.

Russian Cossack State Dance Company, cea mai buna companie ruseasca din lume vine la Iasi

Seara de film german: Herta Müller – Alfabetul fricii(2015, 56 min)

Artisti romani participa la Designblok – Prague Design and Fashion Week 2017

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