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What does Sine Metu mean? Well, it’s Jameson’s family motto and translates to ‘without fear.’ More importantly, it inspired them since the first drops were distilled in 1780. That’s why it’s on every one of the bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

They believe that when we fear a bit less, we live a bit more. We laugh more, meet more people, experience new things. It’s not about being rash or reckless. It’s all about being unafraid to invite life and others in. Won’t you join? Friday, 25 November – 22.00 – Concert LIVE Feelings.

The party continues after the concert with the shattering beats by DJ J.J.J.


 Info & Rezervări: 0751 118 386


Times Pub

Str. Codrescu 6, Iasi (în spatele căminului studențesc Gaudeamus)


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