Besame! @Fratelli Iasi

Don’t know just how it happened, swore to never fall in love again. Guess you should have seen it coming, caught you by surprise. Hooked on to your nights, like a powerful spell, when you can’t have enough, it’s just out of control.

With no further introductions required, John Junior, Kid Mike and Toni Tonini will make our musical dreams come in an event that will go down in history as a Fratelli Classic.

Join them on Friday, 28th of July and Saturday, 29th of July for a lovely Fratelli night. The party starts at 11.00pm!


Free entrance until 00.00. For / 0756.56.11.11. Fratelli reserves the right to select its clients, due to the capacity of the locations and the reservation list.

*Access 18+.  Never drink & drive. We do not endorse the use of drugs.


Fratelli Lounge&Club

Adresa: Str. Palas, 5D, Iasi


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