Beat Poetry v. 13 @Teatru Fix


We are back! Yes we are! And we gather again at our lovely underground spot, Teatru FIX, together with the regular hosts and selectors Scuffle, Kidamn & SPDY. This time we’re joined by the old visual collaborator CZC, and, also, the fresh voice of Pulsar. Friday the 12th of June, starting 11 PM.

The music event called Beat Poetry first took place in Club Brain on May 1st 2010. What was at first just a music night, now is much more than that: an experience, a collective, a sound journey – an evolution of thought and senses, an evolution of music and different art forms.

We’ll be hit by lots of hard beats, raving psyche sounds, thug jazz, riot funk, and various dubs / electronica only to remember that the “beat scene” is, in fact, a multi-genred, multifaceted, deep, deep well of sound. Expect forward-thinking, brain-imploding, full-spectrum sounds.

Event fully supported by Uman Shop Iași.


Free entry! Rezervări: sau 0724 92 12 12 (între 12:00 și 18:00)


Teatru FIX

Str. Cuza Voda 10





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