Answer Summer Event #02


Sambata, 4 iulie 2015 seria petrecerilor de vara continua in Answer cu un invitat pe care cu totii il asteptam sa ne incante cu muzica sa : EGAL 3 aka VID Alaturi de el, de warm up si after hours se vor ocupa Groovesh si Mike T.


Egal 3 aka VID, Groovesh [ Mulen ], Mike T [Overlay]

It’s easy to say that Egal 3 is one of the most talented artists in the underground dance scene at this moment. Growing up in Romania his childhood was filled with music. Born 1992, but he already has a big list of releases on top notch labels sush as Edec, Fear of Flying, Monique Musique and Memoria Recordings, where he is one of the main artists.
At his young age he already collaborate with big artists such as tINI, Livio & Roby , Andrea Oliva and Andrew Grant, just to name a few.

As a producers he is already at the top of the mountain, but also as a DJ he is starting to make name for himself. He developed an unique sound as a DJ influenced by his Romanian background and is traveling to almost every country in Europe last year playing allongside all the big names.

What will happen next is written in the stars, but one thing is for sure: Egal 3’s star is rising and will be on top for a long time!


INTRARE : Fete – INTRARE LIBERA pana la 01.00, 15 lei dupa 01.00. Baieti – 10 lei pana la ora 01.00, 20 lei dupa 01.00. Telefon: 0757 223 226.

ATENTIE! Ne rezervam dreptul de a ne selecta clientela. Accesul persoanelor sub 18 ani este strict interzis! Lista de invitati, invitatiile si intrarile gratuite castigate in urma concursurilor sunt valabile doar intre 22:00 si 01:00. Va rugam sa aveti un act de identitate valabil asupra dumneavoastra pentru a putea fi identificat.

Don’t Drink And Drive! – Te rugam lasa-ti masina acasa daca vei consuma alcool! Say no to drugs! – In cadrul evenimenului sunt INTERZISE consumul si vanzarea de stupefiante si/sau plante etnobotanice. Cei care nu respecta aceasta regula vor suporta consecintele legii (Cf. L339/2005 si L143/2000).


Club Answer

Râpa Galbenă – Anastasie Fatu, nr. 2A

Telefon: 0757 223 226




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