A midsummer night’s dream @Time Out

Something wicked.
Something strange.
A tad bit twisted,
and deranged.
I’m like the moon,
living half in Heaven.
And like a buffoon,
The laugh is a given.
Give me passion!
Give me bite!
And maybe…perhaps…
You’ll last through the night.


Cast: Alin Spînu, Andrei Bertalan, Ciprian Obreja, Codrina Pruteanu, Matei Palcu, Cristian Haraga, Simina Ilie, Manuela Budiș, Maria Rotariu, Diana Brumari.

Special Effects: Vlad Zaharia. Executive producer: Mona Scutelnicu. Art Director: Iulia Croitoriu. Producer: Ștefan Tânjala

A show written and directed by Bogdan Stângaciu with Alice and Oz (his beloved imaginary friends). Music performance by Andrew Riddle and Yo


Acces by bracelet. For reservations please call: 0749.498.874


Time Out

BD. Carol I, nr. 4, Iasi




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